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Fear Free

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Fear Free

PetCare Animal Hospital believes that a trip to the veterinarian doesn’t need to be a terrifying experience for your dog or cat! That’s why Dr. Dodson has become a Fear Free certified professional!

By using specific Fear Free techniques, we can reduce the anxiety your pet may associate with veterinary visits—and eventually, that means bringing your pet to the vet will be less stressful for YOU as well.

Fear Free Training helps veterinarians modify clinic procedures, handling, and facilities so pets feel safe and more comfortable while receiving the medical care they need. Fear Free techniques include:

  • Providing especially tasty “high value” treats for positive association
  • The use of pheromones and / or soft music to put the pet at ease
  • Non-slip surfaces for exams and treatments instead of restraints
  • Gentle, species-specific handling
  • Light sedation when necessary
  • Separate entrances or exam areas for felines

Want to know more? Just give us a call at 770-965-3773 or make an appointment online to experience the Fear Free difference!